One of the goals of IHTC is to connect interested parties and to catalyze a collaborative endeavour. In particular, we want to stimulate  and facilitate collaboration between  1) the different educational programs within the University of Applied Sciences, 2) the University of Applied Sciences and the professional work arena, and 3) the University of Applied Sciences and others educational institutions.

Specifically IHTC keeps track of:

  • Ongoing projects and research at the University of Applied Sciences in the crossing  area of health and technology
  • People from the Faculty Technology, Design en Informatics (in Dutch Techniek, Ontwerpen en Informatica / TOI) and from the Faculty Health Sport en and Wellbeing (in Dutch Gezondheid, Sport en Welzijn / GSW) who are involved in the crossing area of health and technology.
  • Current issues and problems faced by the professional work arena in the area of technological innovation.