About us

The Inholland Health & Technology Centre (IHTC) is an initiative driven by the Faculty Technology, Design en Informatics (in Dutch Techniek, Ontwerpen en Informatica / TOI) and the Faculty Health Sport en and Wellbeing (in Dutch Gezondheid, Sport en Welzijn / GSW) around a central theme: The Healthy Society. IHTC acts out on a three dimensional synergy, that of education, research and the professional work arena.

From a Healthcare perspective, the crossing path with technology is gaining momentum and presents promising opportunities. Research provides the ground for new knowledge which in turn can be used and integrated into educational programs. In the arena of professional work, one is faced not only with questions of technology adoption and implementation but also with ethical issues such as privacy and the substitution of people though technology.

Health and Technology provides the ground for new opportunities and challenges. The cross-over between TOI and GSW on the one hand and the cross-over between the University of Applied Sciences and the professional work arena on the other hand set up the foundations to work on a promising and fruitful domain area. Through our collaborative efforts between the University of Applied Sciences and the professional work arena, we will be in the unique position to harvest and disseminate the products of this collaboration and more broadly to enrich the domain area of Health and Technology.

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